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MSS 2nd Annual MaxFly
Memphis Soaring will again hold its MaxFly from June 4-12.  We will operate each day during this period and it is a great opportunity for members to get some serious advancement towards their next rating or to concentrate on personal goals such as cross country.
If it is anything like last year it will be a blast!  Lunch will likely be grilled burgers and brats with members volunteering to man the grill.  
Make plans to join us!  Visitors are always welcome to come and hang out or take a demo ride.  Hope to see you there.
SUNDAY, MAY 29 -  Please note that due to recent rains we will not be flying today.  We will be flying on Memorial Day.  Come join us!
Monthly Board Meeting
11 June 2016
9:00AM - In the Clubhouse

To Our Cloudstreet Viewers
Welcome!  We hope you enjoyed the Cloudstreet film recently shown on PBS.  Please contact us at one of the numbers under the "Contact MSS" link at the left if you have questions beyond what is shown on our site.  

To Our Visitors:
Memphis Soaring Operates on Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting, April through October. Please be advised that operations are subject to field conditions such as recent rains, high winds and low clouds, especially between November and April. We suggest calling to confirm operations before coming to the field by using one of the numbers under the Contact MSS link.
What is soaring? Click here for an article about gliders, how they compare to airplanes and how they stay airborne, with video.
Here is a video put together by one of our members, Larry Stone.


MSS is a 501(c)(7) corporation, organized under the laws of the State of Tennessee as an organization to promote the art, science and sport of motorless flight.  Membership is required to utilize any club aircraft or facilities. A one day membership is available for individuals who are interested in the sport. The cost is $50.00 and includes one flight in one of our two place gliders.  See Membership, above, for details on all types of memberships.