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Lawrence Field Information

FAA Identifier   4AR5
Gilmore VOR   GQE 276° 13.6NM (Map)
 LAT/LONG   35°22.3’N90°45.2’W
Field Elavation   284' MSL
CTAF   123.3 MHz
Runways   07/25
  3625 x 300 ft.
Surface   Grass
Telephone   None.  See Contact Us

- Power traffic is welcome.
- When approaching the field be aware of gliders about to launch.
- If you don't see launch and/or recovery activity and it has rained the previous day, please don't land.
- We use aero tow for our launch method.
- Attempt to contact the field on 123.3 and state your intentions.
- If no one responds, pick a clear area and come on in.
- Power traffic flies a left hand pattern ... gliders fly a right hand pattern.  Be alert for possible 
non-radio equipped gliders in the pattern opposite you who have the right of way.